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Stand-alone software and widgits

gHamilton (Linux , XP): A stand-alone code to perform F-tests, as well as the variant by Hamilton. People have reported success running the XP version in Vista. For the XP version simply unzip and run "ghamilton". The Linux version requires Python 2.5 or 2.6, the associated Numpy and Scipy libraries and pyQt4 to run. See "Help" in the menu bar for further instructions. Also see Downward et al., AIP Conference Proceedings 882, 129 (2007).

Self-absorption corrections: The self-absorption correction algorithm that is included in RSXAP (and now in FEFFIT and SIXPACK) was presented at the XAFS12 conference in Malmo, Sweden. On the way back to Berkeley, I wrote a STAND-ALONE version, which is available here (v. 1.07, 12/13/2017). Executable for PC is here , but the new user should look at the README and comments in the code in the tar file. The published version [C. H. Booth and F. Bridges, Physica Scripta, T115, 202 (2005) version is available here Please send me an email at if you download a copy of the software.

URGENT NOTE: v1.03 and earlier have a bug in mod_mucal that makes self-absorption corrections for L3-edge data too large!

Main RSXAP downloads

RSXAP documentation
Up to the minute version of RSXAP for linux/intel only!

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