Corwin H. Booth

Staff Scientist

Glenn T. Seaborg Center / Chemical Sciences Division
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
MS 70A-1150
Berkeley, CA 94720

Office telephone: (510)486-6079
ACG FAX: (510)486-5596

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Miscellaneous Documents

EXAFS in theory: an experimentalist's guide to what it is and how it works
A talk I gave May 20, 2008 at the SSRL summer school on x-ray absorption spectroscopy.

Improved self-absorption correction for fluorescence measurements of extended x-ray absorption fine-structure
C.H. Booth and F. Bridges
XAFS XII conference proceedings. Physica Scripta T115, 202 (2005).

The role of local structural disorder in non-Fermi liquid f-electron intermetallics (pdf,ps)
A talk I recently gave at the "Phase Competition in Complex Oxides and Related Compounds" workshop, May 14-16,2003, held at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Principles and Fundamentals of x-ray absorption fine structure in actinides
C. H. Booth
A piece of a lecture given to the Nuclear Environmental Chemistry class, Nov. 29, 2001, UC Berkeley.

Lattice disorder in strongly correlated lanthanide and actinide intermetallics
C. H. Booth, E. D. Bauer, M. B. Maple, J. M. Lawrence, G. H. Kwei, and J. L. Sarrao
(invited talk for XAFS XI) J. Synch. Rad. 8, 191 (2000).

Local structure, disotortions and disorder in advanced perovskite materials
C. H. Booth
Ph.D. Thesis, UC Santa Cruz, 1996. Advisor: Frank Bridges

Corwin H. Booth
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
MS 70A-1150
Berkeley, CA 94720